Business is about more than surviving. It is about truly thriving!

I’m Anna

Business Mentor, Consultant and Financial Strategist – Creator of BIZ Medic – a tool that recalculates your business for success, makes it financially stable and predictable.

Anna will help your business make more profit than you imagined was possible!

Consulted more than 2000 businesses

Worked with more than 150 clients

Clients from 14 countries

Which scenario/case
best describes your situation?

Scenario 1

You are achieving some business successes. However, you’re spending A LOT of time and energy to generate your current turnover. What is more, you can’t afford to pay yourself. And finally, although you have great products or services and you can acquire new clients, your business and personal life feel like a constant grind for very little return – if any.

Scenario 3

Your business is growing at a rapid rate and feels like it’s getting out of control. Others tell you that’s a great problem to have but you still feel like you’re struggling to keep up with it all. You feel the chaos, anxiety and lack of clarity when it comes to financial decisions. You just simply don’t know if your business is able to bear the new costs in the long run. Also, you don’t know what you need to do to ensure its sustainability. Is it time to recalculate your offerings and prices, set new goals and create a new financial plan to give you the security you need?

Case 2

Your business has a mid-6 figure turnover which is taking all your time and energy to generate. EVEN THOUGH, it’s not enough to have the life you’ve dreamed of living. You feel like you need to work harder to earn more money. What is more, you are already spending ALL your time on your business. At the same time, your business seems to be not as predictable as you would like it to be. Therefore, you feel stressed instead of having clarity and feeling peaceful.

Case 4

Your company is generating a 7-figure income. However, all the money is going back into the business and not into your bank account. In other words, you have a high turnover but profit is far below your expectations. For other people, your business LOOKS successful but is it really? Do you have a contingency plan that gives you a huge sense of security should something catastrophic happen?
Things that I prepared will help you solve your problems!

If you can relate to any of described scenarios
look what I have for you:

Biz Medic – a tool that will recalculate your whole business including prices

Maybe you are ready for the next step?
If you want to transform your business into the one which will generate profit, then check Biz Medic. You will receive incredible training with Anna Kupisz guiding you through the whole transformation process!

Pricing for Success!

How to build a business that becomes predictable and creates not just turnover but PROFIT

Do you find yourself in one of the situations described above? Or maybe it’s still difficult to recalculate your business and draw conclusions out of your figures? Do you have no idea of how to make more money and profit without increasing your sales?

Book a 60 minutes consultation.

This will not be a sales pitch but a meeting during which I will:


Get to know you and your business better


Find all the pros and cons of your business strategy from the financial perspective


Assess your business situation


Help you assess your current goals and set new ones on the basis of your figures and give valuable tips what you need to do to make your business more profitable and predictable


Outline if me and my pricing tool "BIZ MEDIC" can help you achieve those goals sooner than you thought possible

About Anna

Who is she?

Anna Kupisz is passionate about creating multi-million dollar businesses and helping other women do the same.

She has a valuable experience in the corporate world as CEO of her own companies and as an employee in others’. This has given her valuable insights into building businesses that generate 7 or 8 figure PROFITS, not turnovers.

What is so special about Anna?

Her unique combination of experience in international business, economics, psychology, negotiations and parenting has made her a much sought-after authority. She became successful not only in her native Poland but on a global level as well. Anna’s ability to explain complex business concepts in basic terms has resulted in her writing several books and countless articles. What is more, she also gave speeches and interviews on international stages and in radio, TV and podcast interviews.

Anna is one of those rare people who actually walks her talk, applying her principles and strategies in her own businesses and life and can help you do the same.

What is my vision?

I believe that women will transform the world to one of co-operation and harmony once they know how to make enough money to feel secure.
My vision is to guide hundreds of thousands of women entrepreneurs to create highly profitable, passion-inspired, purpose-driven businesses that provide them with the financial freedom to live the life they desire.

When women feel secure, they are able to be much more creative, productive and free. That is why I am passionate about showing them how that is possible.

How do I make it happen?

I take exhausted female entrepreneurs from making a decent turnover and low profit to a high turnover and HIGH PROFIT. I achieve it by showing them that having a business is about more than just surviving – it’s about truly thriving!

Over the last 8 years, I have helped more than 3000 entrepreneurs regain control over their money, fulfill their missions and live their dreams!


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