Anna Maria Moore

(previously Anna Kupisz)

Anna is a very passionate and successful businesswoman and international best-selling author who has dedicated over 10 years to building her own companies. She is the CEO of three companies including Softway LTD and Foundation with Initiative.

A financial strategist and mentor with a background in economics and psychology, she draws from a wealth of experience to guide other businesswomen from making a decent turnover and low profit to a high turnover and HIGH PROFIT. Her philosophy is that your business must allow you to thrive, not just survive.

Her unparalleled ability to assess your business and make key, inspired recommendations for changes has allowed many women to achieve or exceed their financial goals faster and easier than expected. She helps to shift your perception of the business and recalculate finances to include your personal budgets, allowing you to finally be able to make money to fulfill your mission and live the lifestyle you want to live.

Her expertise and ability to explain seemingly complex financial concepts in a way that is easily understood by anyone has inspired her to write several books and many articles. She is also in demand as a featured guest in numerous interviews for radio, television, podcasts and stage appearances.

The truly amazing thing is that she manages to do all this while home-schooling her two sons and living an active and exciting life, traveling the world and providing the best experiences possible for herself and her family.

Anna says:

I know what it’s like to worry about not having enough money to support myself and my kids; the fear of what might happen if we lost our home, or didn’t have enough money for food. That fear stopped me from doing anything other than finding a way to make enough money to feel safe again. That kind of fear steals your joy and prevents you from wanting to help anyone else.

I experienced at a young age the fear of not having enough money. It was one of the worst feelings I’d ever felt and I promised myself that I would do anything I could to avoid that feeling. After I learned how simple it actually was to earn whatever amount of money I wanted, I became inspired to share this knowledge with other women, so they could move from a life of fear to a life of peace.

Book a 60 minute strategy session with Anna to find out how to transform your business into a profitable one!

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During this call she will:


Assess your business situation


Help you assess your current goals and set new ones


Outline what needs to be done and how she can help you achieve those goals sooner than you thought possible