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Remember that Business is about more than surviving. It is about truly thriving!

The more I know her, the more I think of her as a “business doctor”. She will listen, identify symptoms, make a diagnosis and then not only write a prescription but will also guide you through the treatment process to change what isn’t working in your business.

Her super power is her ability to quickly identify what does not work in your company and tell you what changes needs to be made to achieve the goals you’ve set for your business. Thanks to the fact that she is constantly expanding her knowledge and doing so with the real passion of a scientist (testing various business theories in her own companies), she is able to recommend creative and effective solutions for your business problems.

Kamila Kruk

Co-owner of OSMPOWER, www.osmpower.com

Ann is a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable, expert in her field. Her solution-oriented mindset and positive attitude give plenty to work with and encourage to take action in the right direction. Our company went through a significant transformation following her advice. We implemented strategy and procedures pointed by Ann. As a result, our company grew and gained a new, broader perspective. Thank you, Ann 🙂

Emil Rzepiel

Product Designer and Co-owner at Overlap studio,

Generally speaking,

I am really satisfied with the cooperation. This allowed me to see gaps in my business, realize how little I still know and why my plan did not work despite 2 years of doing business. I received monthly access to a huge amount of very valuable materials and webinars. Then meetings took place which were focused entirely on my business. Eventually, I saw how to use all the knowledge in my business.

The results of Anna’s help

It was a very intense time, I was exposed to various challenges and I could work on myself and my company. This cooperation has changed my perception of business, social media, cooperation with others. It was worth each penny, because you invest in the development of yourself and your company.

Agnieszka Juszczyk


Anna, thank you for your cooperation. Despite my initially skeptical attitude, I decided to give it a try and it was definitely worth it. Each subsequent meeting opened my eyes and showed me a new direction. These were not new things, but the financial approach and organization of financial and business data in a completely new way gave me a new perspective. The tools prepared during the meetings that were adjusted to my business are currently a great help for me. Thank you for your tips and concrete and sober look from the outside. I know that the value gained from our cooperation will help me reach my goal.

Dorota Geszke

Owner of Sureko, sureko.pl

The cooperation turned out to be extremely beneficial for our company and as amazing, as well as Anna herself. With great pleasure, we were awaiting our next meetings with Anna :-D. The knowledge provided during the cooperation turned out to be necessary for our company to develop. We had no problems with acquiring customers and providing our services but it appeared extremely important for us to acquire additional skills such as in finances as creating financial plans and the ability to use it to manage the company and plan its further development. In addition, Ania helped to organize the legal form of the company.
However, the most important things were Anna’s audits and conclusions from them that opened the possibility of raising prices, which increased our income.

After cooperation with Anna, the company became transparent to us. What is more important, we regained financial control over it. We have the ability to forecast expenses. Soon a huge investment is waiting for us but we are not afraid because we have our financial plan 🙂 We recommend such collaboration to anyone who feels that they have lost control over their company or/and who seriously think about running developing the 7 figure company:)

Katarzyna Gonda

Co-owner of Lavabo Company, Co-owner and CEO of Hopsa

I was interested in building a business based on my passion, that will make use of my competencies and that will be consistent with my lifestyle. Over the past two years, I have been expanding my knowledge about running a remote business and despite the fact that I had a lot of information, I was unable to create a clear business strategy. Anna Kupisz was recommended to me by another business owner, who emphasized the amazing results of working with Anna that she saw in the financial success of her business.

Anna’s mentoring made me clear and orderly, enabling me to produce results. I respect Anna for her honesty and professionalism, for the fact that before starting our cooperation, she made sure that the mentoring program is directed to the right client and will bring the desired results. With a clear conscience I recommend working with Anna to anyone who wants to structure their activities or needs the support of an experienced entrepreneur in expanding their business.

Katarzyna Richter


If you want to run a business, it’s not enough to be a great expert in your industry; you also need to be great in running the business itself which means understanding its mechanisms. And when it comes to teaching these things, Anna Kupisz is the Master!

Anna has put not only my business on its feet but above all, me myself. She helped me to separate work from time for myself and my family and to choose the most effective ways of working with my clients. She provided important information about running the company, preparing pricing strategies and financial plans in a very accessible and understandable way in an extremely pleasant, warm atmosphere. These allowed me to open up and express all my doubts and even, in my own opinion, one of the most stupid questions. On a regular basis, she dispelled all my doubts and fears concerning “what the changes will bring”.

Anna’s complete commitment to my business success was very motivating and helped immensely in the successful implementation of the strategy she suggested. I felt treated as a unique individual and cared for in the full sense of the word. Although the cooperation with Anna is not over yet, I can see the effects, not only in the sphere of finances but also, and perhaps above all, in the sphere of internal peace. I highly recommend working with her!

Agata Dąbrowska


About working with Anna


The mentoring with Anna is for ambitious people. It has a highly interactive character, which is its extraordinary advantage. For three months I received written, audio and video materials. I had the opportunity to discuss extremely important business issues with Anna directly. This is not pure theorizing, but practice and action. It requires a considerable commitment of time and effort from the participant, but the greater the commitment, the greater the effects and benefits.


The main benefits I gained thanks to cooperation with Anna:
  • In three months, I gained knowledge and skills, which would take much longer to learn otherwise. The content contained in the materials received as part of the cooperation were selected in a very thoughtful and careful manner.
  • I had the opportunity to verify my ideas for my business and its development with business practitioners.
  • She mobilized me to reflect on many fundamental issues, without which it is impossible to seriously leverage your business.
  • I saw what mistakes I have made in my current activity.
  • I learned specific tools that helped me reach my clients more effectively. The effects pleasantly surprised me after using only one of the tools. Even in the last week of our cooperation, a significant impact on revenue growth and the number of customers could be seen.
  • I have established a business strategy for myself for the coming year and beyond.
  • I got a lot of inspiration and motivation to take action on the strategy we devised.
At this point, I’m afraid to think about what my business would look like without cooperation with Anna. I highly recommend working with her!

Małgorzta Koczan

Coowner of Law Company Lex Optim, lexoptim.pl

Anna was our third business mentor and she has brought the biggest change into our company. We have almost 4 years of experience in running drainage companies but up till now we’ve had it unprofitable. Two earlier mentors didn’t have so deep business’ experience and that part was missing a lot in their understanding of our circumstances and obstacles.
We were already using budget sheets before but this was Anna Kupisz, who made it “alive” for us. Now we understand budget much more and we can estimate high and low periods in the company.
Having your own company and working in the company with your husband can be very emotional at times. Now I have the feeling that I will be much calmer because I understand low periods in my company and I have bigger knowledge how I can prepare me and my company to go through it.
I highly recommend Anna Kupisz-Cichosz to everyone who looks for the way to make his/her business profitable and stable.

Zuzanna Pawlak

Co-owner of drainage company

I am impressed with Anna’s knowledge and business experience. She is an extremely empathic, creative and supportive person. Thanks to her, I have the courage to take new actions to achieve such profit that will be satisfying for me. While building a strategy with Anna, we chose concepts that would be best for me. Within a second, she could find a solution to every case that seemed to me a problem. Working with her for four months meant that I knew which activities were a hit and which were additional or completely unnecessary. Anna’s mentoring program appeared in my life at the moment when I really needed it. I stopped swinging in the clouds, hanging around, wondering whether to implement this or that idea. Now I have a strategy tailored to my needs and resources. I am on the right path to generate money that is satisfying for me.

Ewa Arendarczyk


Book 60 minutes strategy session with me

Remember that Business is about more than surviving. It is about truly thriving!

I met Ann at one of the development festivals for Women. She hold a seminar there. Already at the very beginning of it I realized that my company is not a company but a hobby. Fairly expensive as it turned out. Lots of conclusions after the seminar led to a consultation after which I decided for cooperation with Anna. During our mentoring, I redefined my services, reduced unnecessary costs and worked on my company using my strengths. Thanks to our cooperation, I succeed.

Agnieszka Zielińska

Skin Expert, www.blueoceanbeauty.eu

I met Ann for the first time at a meeting for business women. Already after her speech I knew that I was dealing with an expert. This was not another meeting about nothing, but a seminar and lecture with specific knowledge about a real business, potential opportunities, threats, myths and facts.
Anna has the knowledge that is supported by experience. We worked for 4 months and They were highly intensive and efficient. The most precious for me were the online meeting with Anna and brainstorming, after which the head was literally full of new ideas for action. Some of them were implemented very quickly, and I did not have to wait long for the results. Thanks to Ann, I understood that there are no limits for my business!

Dorota Wollenszleger


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