to the page on which you can book a
75 minute one-time consultation with me! 


Remember that Business
is about more than surviving.
It is about truly thriving!

Anna Maria Moore

On this meeting I will:


Get to know you and your business better


Assess your business situation and find all the weak and strong points in your business strategy from the financial, product and client segment perspective


Help you assess your current goals and set new ones on the basis of your figures and give valuable tips what you need to do to make your business more profitable and predictable


Outline if I can help you achieve those goals sooner than you thought possible

After signing up, you will receive a list of questions from me about what is currently a problem in your business and how the business situation looks like today as well as what goals you want to achieve. The answers to these questions will help me get to know your situation and prepare properly for our meeting

If we decide to cooperate further, we will deduct the cost of consultations from the amount of the mentoring program.

If we do not cooperate, you will come out with a plan and information on what you need to do in your business to achieve your goals!

Remember that running your own business is not about fighting and surviving, but about being able to live your life and make your dreams come true!

The consultation price is $815 USD/ € 750 /£ 640

If the consultation is not paid within 24 hours of booking the meeting, it is automatically canceled.


After you book the consultation, you will get an email with payment details.

Select the currency and associated payment details. After making the payment, be sure to send a confirmation to ann@annakupisz.com