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How to protect yourself from disasters of surplus?

​​Perhaps you have heard of the Egyptian plagues that God brought on Pharaoh ​so that he would allow the Israelites to leave his country. Why am I mentioning this? Because maybe God, and in my opinion, we as entrepreneurs, can send one of the plagues on ourselves. And getting ready for disasters should be an unmissable part of our businesses.

This plague is something that most entrepreneurs dream of at first, ​and this dream is very short-sighted. ​This plague is a Surplus that we are not ready for!.

Let me just add that this plague is really a defeat. And the word „surplus” is a little ironic here.

It’s such a situation in which you have so many clients, so huge sales volume that creates so much work that you can’t cope anymore. ​So you can say that it is a harvest because there is a lot of work but the truth is ​that it’s a disaster


​​Because despite a HUGE AMOUNT OF WORK  there is still no money at the end of the day! And what’s worse there is no chance of improvement at all. I do not wish anyone to reach this stage, because it is not nice. Nothing uplifting. It’s a place from which you need to get away quickly, and it’s best never to get there!

How do I know that? Well, I was there and many of my clients were there before we started working together. ​And let me explain to you how it happens that we work a lot and earn little.

Of course, there are several reasons but the most important ones are:

1. Poorly assessed value of your work 

  • ​​if you have not calculated costs that you have to cover, 
  • ​if you do not take into account your salary 
  • ​and if you do not add an appropriate margin to the cost of your products/services 

​which task is to generate profit for you, 

​​then you can be like this little hamster in the wheel. 

​You run and run and run but the truth is that you are still in the same place…

2. Bad management of the structure of costs and revenues in the company

​I know it sounds complex but the truth is that it is really simple. ​​It just means that when you look at the money that flows into your company it seems to be really good, but at the end of the month it turns out that there is none or almost none left on the account for you. ​​ And you feel that everyone has made money, but not you!

3. Too light and optimistic approach 

​Do you know someone who runs a business and often repeats “somehow it will work out” ​or “it will work out, I will finally start earning”? Quickly tell the person that nothing is going to work out well if they think and want to work somehow! ​​I mean it will work but indeed somehow! But is it really what you want? ​Will you be able to have a nice decent life with things working out just somehow? Remember, it’s better to be ready for the black scenario but want the best to happen ​and be positively surprised ​than to pray for a little and get little.

4. Poor beliefs about work and business 

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You probably heard more than once in your life that you have to work hard and a lot ​to achieve success. This is a piece of advice that may have worked in the past, but those times are gone forever. Today you have to be able to listen to your intuition but also you need to be able to calculate prices, ​base your decisions on financial facts and intuition, forecast revenues, estimate costs ​and on this basis plan marketing activities. ​It is impossible to achieve success ​without being the Financial Director of your own company!

How then to become one? And from where do you need to start in your business? Since you already know what leads to the plague of surplus, ​​I would like to invite you to read my emails, articles and watch my masterclass ​(there will be more and more practical knowledge).

​​​But if you feel like you want to start soon as possible ​you can schedule a 60 – minute strategy session with me.

I will show you step by step:

  • how to start the calculations, 
  • ​what to pay attention to so that your turnover in the company goes hand in hand with profit ​and with your free time. 
  • How to secure your business and be ready for financial disasters

​​So yes – no selling pitch on that call, ​​but honest analysis of your business and a bunch of handful tips! You can schedule the online meeting with me below. 

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Take care!

Anna Kupisz 

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Remember that Business is about more than surviving. It is about truly thriving!

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