Pricing for Success!

How to build a business that becomes predictable and creates not just turnover but PROFIT

If you want to get a roadmap for your business success and check if my solution is right for you and your business, book a call with me and make your business life so much simpler with Biz Medic!

Revenue doesn’t always mean profit

The biggest problem isn’t always the lack of customers.

It can be the high volume of sales that doesn’t result in turning a profit as your prices are too low, but you have no tool & knowledge to calculate them for you!

What is more, you may not be able to make confident financial decisions by the financial unpredictiness!

You have nothing to base them on except the intuition which says “you need to hire, you need to delegate” but when, how, at what rate? – this information your intuition can not provide you with!

The truth is that your numbers which are costs, sales volume, the profit you want to have and conversions determine not only your prices!

Your numbers can impact: 

– the products you sell or,

– the client segment you target.

They can also tell you:

– which products or services are profitable,

– which ones need higher prices, how many of your products/services you need to sell to make money, and many more!

But first, you need to be able to calculate them and analyze them.


Why I created biz medic – a tool that recalculates

the Business for Success?

I created BIZ MEDIC because I see business owners making the same biggest mistake while scaling their business. They are focused too much on sales volume and revenue, forgetting that selling at all costs very often means losses.

Although they know that business is about generating a profit and being able to manage the company and thrive rather than struggling financially and facing fear of potential lack of cash flow in your business and private life, they have no skills or tools or time that would enable them to recalculate the business. 

What is more, when you have more than one product or service it becomes more and more complex and time-consuming to do all the needed calculations at least once per quarter.

But at the same time knowing your numbers is extremely important to the success of your business. It gives you clarity, it gives you confidence. It makes the business so predictable in terms of consequences of all your decisions that create costs in your company (like investing in a new course, new automatization tool, hiring team, outsourcing any kind of operation)

Knowing the margins of your products or services and understanding that the prices need to cover more than just the cost of the product or service is KEY to generating a profit, even when you are offering promotions and other discounts.

Moreover, knowledge about how to create and implement an investment plan so the future of your business and your financial future is secure is another area where many business owners fall short.

You should also be aware that you cannot create a strategic business plan without knowing your numbers. By knowing them, you’ll know when you can afford to open a new location or hire more staff.

And this is what the Biz Medic can do for you!

What is this Biz Medic I have created?

Biz Medic is a tool that recalculates your business for success, once you enter all necessary data. It will show you how you need to change the numbers (e.g. prices, sales targets) taking into account your real efficiency or the possibility of winning clients.

If you implement the recommendations it will make your business profitable and predictable!

For example, Biz Medic can show you what is your current margin (that generates pure profit and does not have to cover any costs) or loss on each of your products or services. It will also show you what margin and prices you should have in order to thrive.

In other words, this is software that will allow you to work less, pay yourself more & give you peace of mind

After training you about using it and attending my bonus course, you will broaden your knowledge about BIZ MEDIC. You will know how to read the results, draw conclusions from all calculations and make decisions. Based on them, you can prepare your business for scaling, uplevel it or transform it from the one that brings only revenue to the one that will bring you the money you want to have and additional profit for company development!

If you are unsure if this solution is what you need, schedule a meeting with me to find out.

Who will benefit from the solution ?

Women who already run their own business, have experience in acquiring and serving their clients, want to scale the business, but are not generating income at a level that creates the profit they want (or don’t even believe is possible)!


What Biz medic can do for you?

Biz Medic will:

– connect your private budget with your business expenses

– calculate for you the prices that you need to have!

– show you the minimum price you need to have so you will never sell below costs

– tell you what is the maximum discount or JV commission that you can offer

– make you aware of what margin you need to have to reach your financial goals

– calculate how much you need to sell each of your products/services to maintain the current price

– show you by how much you need to increase prices to make the product profitable taking into account your current sale volume.

– do a research for you on which products/services are not profitable and what price you should have to stop losing money on them or how many of them you need to sell to make them profitable (if it is possible at all to make them profitable)

– show you the absolute minimum revenue you have to bring in the company each month

– allow you to break the minimum revenue into monthly or quarterly sales targets

– let you create the sales plan based on your numbers so you can start planning marketing campaigns



How does it work?

It all starts with a free 60 minutes call with me. This call does not obligate you to do anything as first we need to check if BIZ Medic is suitable for you and your business and if it meets your expectations. If no, you will leave with valuable tips what you need to do to make your business more profitable and predictable.

If yes, then we schedule 90 minutes session.  Before the session, you will get detailed questions about your business, so at the meeting, we can clarify all things that are needed to be explained.

The meeting is essential as sometimes the tool needs to be customized for specific clients’ needs.

What can I expect?

After the session, you get access to the training so you can start working with it, once we send you your versos of BIZ Medic. You will get it within one week of our call.

In addition, you will get a great bonus: Access to a course showing you how to read calculations, how to draw conclusions and make business designs that will transform your business strategy from a numbers perspective.

Eventually, you will have the opportunity to meet with me one more time so you can discuss your conclusions and business direction. Also, we can take a look at your numbers and give you some pieces of advice.


We will record all our meetings, so you can always come back to them if something is unclear or you forget how to do something.

When it comes to calculations you will work with my tool prepared by my team with all the formulas so you finish the course not only with the knowledge and understanding how to calculate everything in your business but also with recalculated prices, recalculated salary, set financial goal, created financial plan together with sales plan around which you can start prepare the whole marketing!

What you will learn in the course you get with the access to the Biz Medic
In the bonus course I will show you exactly:



  • How to audit and calculate the financial goals for the company and your personal life so you know how much money you need for each.
  • Which measures are necessary to track expenses to manage and estimate future costs.
  • How to calculate the financial goal for the company based on the business costs (that include your monthly salary), the profit you want to achieve and all the necessary taxes, so that the financial goal can actually be accomplished!

WEEK 2 – How to calculate the prices correctly so:

    • you will never have to match the prices of your competition,
    • all your costs will be covered and the margin can generate pure profit.
    • I will also tell you what determines the margin, so you know how high it should be in your business.

WEEK 3 – How to create a discount policy:

    • so that customers are happy
    • and you still generate profit, because you know that you still sell your products/services above the costs.

WEEK 4 – How to calculate sales targets and break them down into monthly and quarterly targets, so:

  • you can start preparing the sales plan around those targets
  • and combine them with the financial plan, allowing you to avoid  budget holes.

You will also learn how to plan the marketing campaigns once your sales plan is ready.

WEEK 5 – How to build the financial plan and how to update it so:

    • you can modify the business strategy depending on a given financial situation,
    • check the effectiveness of marketing and sales tools, 
    • anticipate potential financial problems,
    • make decisions about future investments
    • and know when your business can afford to implement them.

What people say


“If you want to run a business, it’s not enough to be a great expert in your industry; you also need to be great in running the business itself which means understanding its mechanisms. And when it comes to teaching these things, Anna Kupisz is the Master! Anna has put not only my business on its feet but above all, me myself “


(owner of diet clinic)
“Anna is a Business Master. Thanks to the professional development strategy that Anna developed for me, my business got back on its feet and got wings! Each acquired customer is now a dream customer, aware of quality and price.”


(Owner of wedding and events agency)
“Anna made me do things that were totally out of my comfort zone, but it all felt very natural and stress-free. My business plan is as it should be now – adjusted to me, yet flexible enough to give me room for changes, speeding up, or making improvements when I feel like it. During the few weeks together, we did the work that would take me a year’s time if I had to do it myself.”


(Copywriting designed for IT)

I am interested – When can we start?


First, book a call with me, so we are 100% sure

that the tool is already adjusted to your business or

if we can customize it for your needs.


How much does it cost?

The price starts from $10.000 and depends on the complexity of your business case

and if you require any additional support from us apart from the support included in the price.

Do you have any installment plans?

Yes, An installment plan is available. The details are discussed when we decide to cooperate.


I am interested but I want to schedule a call to make sure it is for me

What people say

More Testimonials

“The course turned out to be extremely fruitful for our company and fantastic! The transferred knowledge turned out to be necessary for our company to develop. It was important for us to acquire skills such as creating a financial plan and the ability to use it to manage the company. The audits that we did together and conclusions from them opened the possibility of raising prices, which increased our income”


(Owner of local laundry chain)
“I am impressed with Anna’s knowledge and business experience. Thanks to her, I have the courage to undertake new activities to achieve such income that will be satisfactory for me. When building a strategy with Anna, we chose concepts of action that would be good for me. What is more, she could find a solution to any problem!”


(Relationship Coach)