Pricing for Success!

How to recalculate the business to make it even more profitable & predictable


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29.09.2021 at 12 p.m. EST or 30.09.2021 at 12:00 p.m. EST

Revenue doesn’t always mean profit

The biggest problem isn’t always the lack of customers.

It can be the high volume of sales that doesn’t result in turning a profit as your prices are too low, but you have no tool & knowledge to calculate them for you!

It can be the financial unpredictiness that does not allow you to make confident financial decisions!

You have nothing to base them on except the intuition which says “you need to hire, you need to delegate” but when, how, at what rate? – this information your intuition can not provide you with!

The truth is that your numbers which are costs, sales volume, profit you want to have and conversions determine not only your prices!

Your numbers can impact: 

– the products you sell or,

– the client segment you target.

Your numbers can tell you:

– which products or services are profitable,

– which ones need higher prices, how many of your products/services you need to sell to make money, and many more!

But first, you need to be able to calculate them and analyze them.

Why I created this workshop?

One thing I have learned in the past few years when it comes to Low of Attraction. The Universe can bring you anything and everything you want but you need to know exactly well what you really want.

So several years ago I decided that I want to have lots of clients and 7 figure business!

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Especially that the universe gave me everything that I wanted. I just forgot to mention a few details like the hours of work, the salary I want to have for me, the profit I want to make for the company and for what kind of prices I want the universe to send me clients. So I had lots of clients, high revenue, but also I worked a lot, and made not enough to live my lifestyle!

I did not mention that partially because I did not calculate it. But you need to know that when it comes to money and numbers being precise appears to be the key to success!

It changed once I recalculated the business and immerse my business strategy in numbers. I recalculated all prices, adjusted my product and services to my numbers, and saw exactly what kind of clients I need and how many I need.

So now I want to share my approach toward recalculating the business. An approach that makes the business not only profitable and predictable but also allows you to pay yourself the money you want to have.

So If you want to learn all the steps in this process and start recalculating your business already on my workshop, you are more than welcome!

Who will benefit from the solution ?

Women who already run their own business, have experience in acquiring and serving their clients, want to scale the business, but are not generating income at a level that creates the profit they want (or don’t even believe is possible)!


What will you learn in the workshop?

In the workshop, we will cover:
– How to approach calculating prices
– How to incorporate your salary into the price
– How to calculate the minimum price
– How to check if your prices need to be increased
– How to calculate your Financial Goal to make sure that you cover costs, pay yourself, and have profit for the company’s growth
– How to break the Financial Goal into sales targets and how to match them with marketing campaigns
– How to adjust products and client segments to the numbers and profit you want to have



As our businesses are usually a mix of services and products this workshop will cover recalculating the business especially prices for both services and products!

Opinions about my workshops

“If you want to run a business, it’s not enough to be a great expert in your industry; you also need to be great in running the business itself which means understanding its mechanisms. And when it comes to teaching these things, Anna Kupisz is the Master! Anna has put not only my business on its feet but above all, me myself “


(owner of diet clinic)
“Anna is a Business Master. Thanks to the professional development strategy that Anna developed for me, my business got back on its feet and got wings! Each acquired customer is now a dream customer, aware of quality and price.”


(Owner of wedding and events agency)

“You made me want to own my finances, to treat them more respectfully, to be more aware of them full stop. You really created a fire in me to want change. Loved your four finance levels and I am looking forward to getting out of survival!”


(Copywriting designed for IT)

“You gave me a lot of food for thought and a guideline how to start to handle my finances in a new way. Also the review of my pricepoints is very precious.”


(Owner of local laundry chain)

“Wow! Just wow! I thought I knew what I was doing in this area, but this took it to a whole new level. Such a special connection personally too.”


(Relationship Coach)

“I think knowing the four levels of wealth/finances has had the biggest impact on me and changed focus on wealth.”


(Owner of the Dentist Clinic)

“Hugely inspiring to realise the pricing I need to set and seeing my own value.”


(Owner of the Law Company)

Who I am?

Today I can call myself a very passionate and successful businesswoman. I have dedicated over 10 years to building my own companies.

I am the CEO of three organisations including Softway LTD and Foundation with Initiative.

I am a financial strategist and mentor with a background in economics and psychology, I draws from a wealth of experience to guide other businesswomen from making a decent turnover and low profit to a high turnover and HIGH PROFIT. My philosophy is that your business must allow you to thrive, not just survive.

I want you to know that I know what it’s like to worry about not having enough money to support myself and my kids; the fear of what might happen if we lost our home, or didn’t have enough money for food. That fear stopped me from doing anything other than finding a way to make enough money to feel safe again. That kind of fear steals your joy and prevents you from wanting to help anyone else.

I experienced at a young age the fear of not having enough money. It was one of the worst feelings I’d ever felt and I promised myself that I would do anything I could to avoid that feeling. After I learned how simple it actually was to earn whatever amount of money I wanted, I became inspired to share this knowledge with other women, so they could move from a life of fear to a life of peace.