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The Wise & The Naive

A fable for entrepreneurs, presenting 12 key points you cannot forget about when building your business.

Summit 6 to 7 figures strategy series

23 highly successful entrepreneurs from all around the world revealing their number one strategy for scaling the business from 6 to 7 figures.

4 levels of wealth

How to stop wasting money and turn profit – Interview on Invest and Grow Rich Summit

5 mistakes in 6 to 7 figure strategy

Pricing for success – how to increase the profit without boosting your sales volume

How to calculate how much money you need from your company each month

Client segmentation process vs Client Avatar

Client Segmentation Process vs Creating Client Avatar

Client Pyramid

Client Types I

Client Types II

How the segmentation process may look

Client Segmentation process part I – PDF

Client Segmentation process part II- PDF

Client preferences vs product/service vs price

Type of services/products

The value you deliver – PDF

Fundaments of product/service creation – PDF

Fundaments of any Marketing & Selling system

Relations with Client segment – PDF

About author

Who is she?

Anna Kupisz is passionate about creating multi-million dollar businesses and helping other women do the same.

She has a valuable experience in the corporate world as CEO of her own companies and as an employee in others’. This has given her valuable insights into building businesses that generate 7 or 8 figure PROFITS, not turnovers.

What is so special about Anna Kupisz?

Her unique combination of experience in international business, economics, psychology, negotiations and parenting has made her a much sought-after authority. She became successful not only in her native Poland but on a global level as well. Anna’s ability to explain complex business concepts in basic terms has resulted in her writing several books and countless articles. What is more, she also gave speeches and interviews on international stages and in radio, TV and podcast interviews.

Anna is one of those rare people who actually walks her talk, applying her principles and strategies in her own businesses and life and can help you do the same.