Live Workshop

How to build a business strategy that is not divorced from finances and your personal figures?


March 22th , 2021 
12:30 EST –  9:30 PST –  18:30 CET

Sales doesn’t always mean income!

I hear from everywhere that marketing and sales skills are the only ones we need to be successful in the market.


I hear it all the time and I will tell you honestly that I do not agree with it.


Don’t get me wrong, marketing and sales skills are very important, without them you will not generate any income in the company but …


… a few years ago, I learned the hard way that you can have a great marketing campaign and great sales systems and still have no money in the company, still be stressed, burned out and have no idea what went wrong!





How is it possible?


If you just miscalculate your prices,


if you just set your own salary improperly,


if you don’t know how to check with the BEP (Break Even Point) indicator whether your company is sinking or developing


or if you set the promotional strategy wrong and instead of earning on the generated sales, you lose because you sell products below your costs.


But how on Earth are you supposed to know how to calculate and check all this, so that you can let your marketing and sales system operate without the handbrake on?


So on this master class, you will learn:


√ How are prices for products and services calculated


√ How you can incorporate your salary into the cost unit of your prices and how to set your own salary properly


√ How to set financial goals and how to use them to set the margin for your product and services


√ How to set promotions and discounts so you are always sure that you are generating money not loss


√ How to calculate and use Break Even Point to see if a Business is Growing or Going Down during the year


√ How to plan a financial year and link it with the marketing and sales plan to avoid the so-called “budget holes”


√ And finally, I’ll show you what your marketing and sales goals have to do with all of this.

So see you at my on-line workshop during which you will start pricing your business for success!