My name is Shane Moore and together with Anna Kupisz

I invite you to my 5-day event:

Feel Better Now!

How to take care of your body, mind and emotions

This event is especially for you if

You are living with chronic migraines, back pain, joint pain, or any other pain that keeps you from doing the things you want to do in your life.

You feel tired when you wake up, or at any time during your day, for no apparent reason.

You have difficulty with movements such as bending, lifting, squatting or reaching overhead.

You are waking up stiff and sore, whether or not you have done any exercise or activity the day before.

You have had an injury or surgery that you feel you haven’t fully recovered from that keeps you from doing what you want.

You simply feel stuck in your life and aren’t sure how or what to do next to move forward.

Why do you feel this way?

You might be attributing these problems to aging, the activities you are engaged in, an injury/surgery you’ve had, or your genetic inheritance and think:

“this is just the way it will be from now on”.

You might be seeing a chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, acupuncturist, psychiatrist/psychologist, or other type of therapist for weeks, months or years on end, with no real change in your situation.

Do you believe there’s nothing that can be done?

Or do you feel like you just haven’t found the right modality or person who can help?


What if I told you that there is an evidence-based, science-backed solution to your problem?

The human body is designed to heal itself and keep itself in balance.

When it’s not healthy and balanced, it’s because of something we are doing that is getting in the way!

So, let me ask you – how do you want to feel in your life? What do you want to achieve in your career? What do you want your relationships to look and feel like?

Imagine you could wake up without that nagging, constant pain; eliminate those migraines, back pain, joint pain, or other pain without medications; go through your day with a much higher level of energy; bend, lift or move without fear of pain or injury.

Imagine feeling happier, more energetic and alive every day.

Think how that would change your life. Think of all the things you would be able to do and enjoy when you felt better.

 I prepared 3 seminars, 1 workshop & Q&A session so you can:

Have the opportunity to gain a new understanding of how our bodies really work in a way that most doctors and health professionals don't know.

Experience a guided self-treatment session with me so you can start to feel how the techniques really work.

Be able to receive answers to your questions about your unique situation in real time.

On this 5 day on-line event, you will find out


Day 1

Have you ever wondered what are the real reasons for your health problems? And what are their consequences for your mental health and physical health. How does your body inform you that something is wrong even if doctors say that you are perfectly healthy?

On the first day, you will start to realize the reasons for your health problems and what you can do to begin to change your situation.


Day 2

This day will be all about an introduction to Myofascial Release – the modality that heals the body on a deep level, releases stress and tension, increases your energy level and allow everything else you are already doing to help yourself work even more quickly and effectively.


Day 3

Self-Care: What it is and why it’s important. Of course, if you can work with a great expert, you will get dramatic results more quickly. But the truth is you cannot rely only on different experts. Treatments with them will always benefit you and are great to have periodically, but the key to a long, healthy life (on all levels) is self-care.

That is why on this day you will learn about different aspects of self-care you can implement in your daily life that will have long-lasting positive effects on your overall health.


Day 4

Workshop day – This day is all about practice!

You will learn a few practical techniques that will help you immensely in your self-care practice to increase your energy level and well-being immediately.


Day 5

The last day is all about you, your questions, and personalized tips.

For over an hour, you will have an opportunity to ask me any questions you might have about your health (or your loved ones’) and how to improve it. 

I will also share how you can treat your kids and start implementing helpful routines in a natural way in their lives that will help them stay healthy and avoid future illnesses.

What people say


“It’s basically changed the way I look at my pain…It’s taught me how to deal with it…It’s changed my life!”  

Curtis H – Ontario, CAN

“I would like to share with you my findings and recommendations after Intensive treatment with Shane Moore. Let me start by saying that it was pretty difficult for me to decide that I was really ready for the treatment , but I am really happy that I did it. 

My first decision was to choose a 3-day treatment, but during it I decided to extend it for 3 additional days. 

I would like to stress that after these 3 days I felt significant change, not only in my body, but also in my emotions. I really felt I needed more days. Treatment with Shane was like a starting a new life, with  less tension in my body, less migraine headaches, but also a different way of treating myself and thinking about myself. I would definitely recommend treatment with Shane – absolutely amazing therapist! My advice to myself before treatment – do not hesitate, do it!  – you will not regret it. It will be a trigger for your new life! ”  Agnieszka P. – Poland

“Shane helped me both during my workouts and in every day activities. Before the I met her I had no idea that I wasn’t breathing properly…My workouts are more efficient and my cardiovascular endurance has improved…I feel like my body now moves in one fluid piece rather than being rigid all the time, rather than being constantly sore. Shane has helped me tremendously.”

Jocelyn P – Ontario, CAN 

“I’ve been getting a lot of pain relief and stress relief…It’s been a life changer for me.”   Emily J – Ontario, CAN

“I’ve had a 3 hour intensive Myofascial Release treatment this afternoon by the incredibly talented Shane Moore. I’m loose and bendy and the most relaxed I’ve ever been.” Jo T. – UK

“Deep breathing was extra helpful when trying to fall asleep and is helping me recover faster in WODs (workouts). I have not been ‘bad muscle sore’ for a while now even though I’m working out 5-6 times a week.”   Michelle C – Ontario, CAN

“I treated Mo and myself to a Myofascial Release Treatment today with the phenomenal expert that is Shane Moore.

I am in a different body I swear…I’ve got a flat back and a flat stomach! Our body holds trauma and emotions. So being able to release the emotions and memories that our bodies hold onto is a must for everyone. We need this stuff taught in school. Not everyone knows how to do it! Often people pop down to the GP when really an energy release or body work session is what is needed. So folks, I highly recommend a session with Shane!”   Louisa H. – UK

“Wow, just wow – meeting you Shane, was a true eye-opener for me! Thank you so much for all your work and making me realise how simple taking care of my body and emotions can be!”

Anna K – Poland


Shane Moore

Hi. I’m Shane Moore, owner of e l i t e Performance and I truly believe we have the ability to heal ourselves. However, this understanding came from a very interesting path.

Despite completing a degree in English, I had no idea what I wanted to do in my life. Jobs presented themselves when I needed something and provided important lessons for me that I now see were preparing me for my true purpose. 

So it might seem that my 12 years spent working as a Correctional Officer and then a Probation Officer would have little to do with my subsequent decision to go back to school for a Massage Therapy diploma. But in the 12 years that I’ve been in my current profession, I’ve realized how important those jobs were in helping me understand how to really help myself and others in a much more profound way.

My time in the Criminal Justice System showed me how trauma affects everyone on some level. It also showed me that the system that is now in place in most parts of the world is missing some key components in truly helping people get their lives back on track. 

Early in my Massage Therapy practice, I was recommended to attend a seminar with John F. Barnes in the United States. In the first hour of that seminar, a light switch was flipped on and my path was clearly illuminated. I began to understand how the medical profession and other mainstream health professionals were not quite as effective as they could be, despite their best efforts. 

I was learning a very different way to understand the human body – one that encompassed all parts of the human experience. In order to truly heal, we need to address not just the physical but the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. 

I continued to connect with practitioners of various modalities and learned how those modalities worked extremely well with the Myofascial Release that I had learned from John Barnes. The result was the self-healing program I call Feel Better Now!, which I look forward to sharing with anyone who is interested in knowing how to take control of their health and their lives. 

Pain and illness are signs of imbalance in our thoughts, behaviours and emotions that have a direct effect on our body. When we understand this connection, we can make changes to bring ourselves back into balance and good health. But changing the thoughts and behaviours is only part of the healing process.

Our bodies hold onto everything we experience until we learn how to let it go. This healing process takes awareness and focused attention. It doesn’t have to take a long time to heal, as long as you are open to the possibilities.